If you work in software or an MNC, you can probably relate. I am 29 years old. I work in software. My current location is New Delhi. I like to drink tea and I am not too bad at making one. After work, I like to workout, play dota, travel, meditate and build useful stuff. My alma matter is IIT Delhi. I also speak some French and played drums in my college hostel band.

    This site contains essays about life & work. I like essays because unlike books they can be read in one sitting and unlike blogs they provide a room to go into details.


    The essays are topics related to what I do. I avoid subjective topics. No politics, culture, crime, opinions, religion, right or wrong. There is some philosophy, mostly buddhist. I find it useful. It has connections to decision making and emotional resilience.

    In 2020, I am dividing my year into 4 quarters. I am doubling down on things I have already started instead of starting something new.

  • Programming : I code in Python and JS. I like to architect and build complex systems. Currently reading RFCs, PEPs and other back to basic concepts. I am also trying to do more and more work remotely.
  • Fitness : I lift weights 3 times a week. I do intermittent fasting and cold showers. I am also cutting carbs and adding good fat and protein.
  • Meditation : I have explored Zen philosophy and found it useful and practical. I am currently exploring different meditation techniques.

Contact Me

You can reach me on my email Just add [WEBSITE] in the subject so I know where you coming from. 😄